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The Contest

Gather Your Neighbors To Win!

Want landscape design advice? Enter to win wildlife-friendly schematic designs customized for you and your neighbors by using YardMap to map as many yards as you can in your neighborhood.

The Prize
Before The Plan After

Creating a wildlife friendly neighborhood
has never been easier!

If you win, we’ll bring in the experts to consult. Two winning groups of neighbors will have an opportunity to work with the Cornell Department of Landscape Architecture YardWorks Studio on their project. The student-professor team will get to know your properties inside and out, take a look at the surrounding landscape, and work with you to develop neighborhood-level habitat enhancement goals and plans. They will also work with landowners to develop schematic designs that illustrate opportunities for habitat enhancement in the yards of neighborhood participants.

How To Win

Connect with your Community

Winning is simple. Between May 1, 2013 and June 25, 2013:

  1. Gather as many neighbors as you can

    You'll need a total of at least 5 participating properties.

  2. Have everyone create a map of their properties at YardMap.org

    only complete maps count! see what makes a complete map »

  3. Let us know you'd like to enter by following the submission steps below

    see submission steps »

  4. We'll choose the winners based on the following criteria:

    • The completeness of the maps. see what makes a complete map »
    • The number of maps included in your entry. (minimum of 5)
    • The proximity of those maps to one another

How close do yards need to be?

Like This

To enter yards don't need to be 'touching;' they can be clustered together in many different ways, possibly including surrounding a common green space like a park or lake shore.

Or, Like This

Yards that are adjacent to one another make a stronger entry because they provide a continuous green patch which helps amplify the habitat benefits for birds by creating green corridors.

Who Can Enter

Focus on New York

To participate in this contest you need to map within New York State, have an adult to represent each site, and be willing to work with Cornell Department of Landscape Architecture should your neighborhood win.

new york
How To Submit

Submission is Easy!

  1. 1

    Join YardMap

    If you haven't already, go to yardmap.org and create an account. You'll need to get your neighbors to sign up there too!

  2. 2

    Create a Group

    Pick a name for your neigborhood group and create it within our yardmap community pages.
    Find out how to create a group »

  3. 3

    Map Your Yards

    You and your neighbors will all have to map your yards on yardmap.org. Be sure everyone reads the Guidelines for a Complete and Full YardMap!

  4. 4

    Share Your Yards

    Make sure all the yards involved are linked on your group page. Find out how to get and share map links »

  5. 5

    Let Us Know About Your Group

    The group leader will have to fill out this form to complete your neighborhood's entry.
    Go to the submission form »

Have Questions? Email Us: Cornell.Yardworks@gmail.com

Get Others Involved

Spread the Word to Your Neighbors and the World!

Here are some resources to help you get the word out!


info flyer

Info Flyer

Print these up and deliver to your neighbors!

legal-sized poster

Legal-sized Poster

Print these up and post in your neighborhood!



Show off the YardWorks Contest at your next talk or meeting.

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Dear Neighbor Letter

Use this to introduce your neighbors to the YardWorks contest via email.